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Blue Carnation: Pasta/ Soup Plates - Set of 4

Blue Carnation: Pasta/ Soup Plates - Set of 4

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This design was inspired by the Japanese Imari style. In the 17th Century this pattern, produced mostly in the famous maiolica town of Faenza, became a favorite china dinnerware all over the world. Our Blue Carnation comes from Rimini near Faenza. Each one of these pieces is signed by the artist. If you purchased this pattern from another store, our Carnation probably has some color hues and shapes that are different than yours. To avoid returns, call us before placing your order.


The small imperfections such as the difference in color, shape, diameter or small bubbles that form inside, do not constitute a defect but testify that it is actually an artisanal product.



Inspired by the 17th century Japanese Imari style, the Blue Carnation design was first developed showing a stylized representation of the Japanese garden. Originating in Lodi near Milan, Blue Carnation is now produced in Rimini by the Adriatic Sea. The original owner Bruno Brolli has turned over the workshop to his apprentice Roberto del Vecchio.