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Celebrating 78 Years!
Not quite as old as the clay, nor as old as this artform--Though an exclamation and footnote of gratitude to all of You.
Our Mission is our Passion.
To keep this artform alive, to keep our artisans painting, and to offer you beautiful, functional art you can use that brings joy to your everyday!
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Italian Ceramic Heads

The Moorish Heads made famous by the HBO hit series "The White Lotus" are back-in-stock!

We have Moorish heads available in many sizes and colors, shop now, as they are selling out fast! Handmade and painted by Italian artisans, Biordi's offers the finest collection of authentic Moorish heads in the US.

The Moorish heads featured in "White Lotus" is a legend that goes back in the XI century, during the Moors domination in Sicily and as in most legends, is once again Cupid’s fault (or credit).

Vignoli Featured In British Vogue

Vignoli for Biordi Art Imports

Biordi Art Imports is featured in the March 2023 edition of British Vogue.

There's no place like Vogue. Our featured artisan is Vignoli's wave centerpiece.

Ivana and Saura Vignoli, sisters, in Faenza, Italy a short drive from the Adriatic Sea, developed a special technique named “Full-fire Reduction”. The technique involves unique glazes and firing styles, to create a spectacular copper sheen. These techniques offer a modern Italian aesthetic. The sea, an important influence to their family’s history is honored through schools of sardines or anchovies gracing their creations.

New Arrivals

Giovanni & Susanna DeSimone

We now offer Vintage Giovanni DeSimone Ceramics in addition to the latest Susanna De Simone Collection. Giovanni's pieces are collectors items! Each piece is a unique, work-of-art.

Giovanni De Simone, a renowned and innovative artisan from Palermo, Sicily, was a visionary artisan known for the use of intense colors and cubist drawing style similar to Picasso. Early in his life Giovanni worked with Picasso and shared his innovation using bright red in ceramics with Picasso. "Picasso loved that innovation. I express what comes through my imagination, filtering old and new memories, comparing my experiences and my understanding" wrote Giovanni De Simone in 1991.
Today, this art style is continued by his daughter Susanna. Her limited production bears her signature, together with the company's new name "Fabbrica della Ceramica”.

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Best Sellers

Italian Hand-painted Espresso Cups

Handmade and painted by Italian artisans using traditional methods and techniques, our collection of Italian espresso cups are beautiful interpretations of Italian majolica.

Available in a variety of classic patterns including La Colombe, Classic Deruta, Vignoli and DeSimone. Biordi offers the finest collection of Italian espresso cups available outside of Italy.

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Featured Category

Olive Oil and Olive Oil Accessories

Italian Olive Oil is the symbol of Italian Food, and the significance in Italian Cuisine cannot be understated. At Biordi, we offer award winning Olive Oils. The best of the best Laudemio Frescobaldi and Riva Cucina Rosemary Infused EVOO.

The vessels to hold the oil are works of art. Our oil & vinegar bottles and accessories will brightly accent a kitchen or dinner table. Start a collection for yourself, or share it with family and friends.

Featured Designs

Ceramiche d'Arte Funny People

Best-selling one-of-a-kind Funny People in stock now! Every vase is a unique work of art!

Created by Ivana Antonini, perhaps the most creative ceramist in all of Italy. The new collection features d'arte ceramic vases all created individually and guaranteed to make you smile. .


Classic Deruta Pottery

The Classic Deruta Pottery is a stunning table setting for your meal.

The very essence, the soul, of Italian ceramics lives in La Citta di Deruta. Deruta, the center of Italian Majolica since the 12th century has over 100 ceramic workshops offering some of the best quality majolica in the world. There are six designs that form the foundation of Italian ceramics and capture the elegance of Italy’s traditional tableware.

Featured Product

Customized Family Masterpiece Centerpiece

Ivana Antonini can create your own personal family masterpiece centerpiece. This d'arte ceramic centerpiece is handcrafted by Ivana Dolfi in Montelupo, Italy. Every family member and pet can be included in this spectacular conversational piece. Each centerpiece is a unique, a one of a kind work of art.

Please contact us at Biordi Art Imports with any questions regarding this spectacular gift.

Featured Category

Hand-painted Mugs

Biordi Art Imports Handcrafted Mugs are handmade and painted by Italy's finest Italian artisans using traditional methods and techniques, our collection of mugs are beautiful interpretations of Italian majolica.

Available in a variety of designs including these iconic Susanna DeSimone mugs. Biordi offers the finest collection of Italian mugs available outside of Italy.

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Featured Collection

Gifts For the Art Lover

Italian Art is the finest for the true art lover. These d'arte ceramic sculptures are hand crafted by Ivana Dolfi in Montelupo, Italy. These modern art pieces are hand made scuptures and can be used as a planter, vase or simply stunning piece of art.

Each Testa d'Arte (Head of Art) is a unique, one of a kind piece. The modern art piece is a statue and also a planter. The Italian ceramiche detail is all hand made and painted, a unique, one of a kind.

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Featured Category

Gifts for the Italiophile

The definition of Italiophile is a person with admiration, appreciation or emulation of Italy, its people, ideals, civilization, and culture. At Biordi, we offer the perfect gift, handmade and painted by Italian artisans using traditional methods and techniques, our collections are beautiful interpretations of Italian majolica and make perfect gifts for friends and loved ones.

Featured Collection

Contrade Collection

The Contrade Collection is an explosion of joyousness. Set your table with the 17 Contrade from Siena.

In 1984, Walter Staccioli began producing ceramic pieces incorporating the Contrade patterns of Siena. Today, based upon each Contrada’s individual flag that festoons rider and horse in events surrounding the Palio di Siena, Sonia Staccioli and her sister Giada carry on the traditions. These works of art can only be found exclusively at Biordi and the Staccioli workshop at the Piazza del Campo in Siena.

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Biordi Art Imports

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Best of the Bay 2023

What is Best of the Bay? Beyond thousands and thousands of voters expressing their love for the local people, places, and things that make this the Best Place on Earth, the annual Bay Guardian Best of the Bay (our 48th!) takes a temperature of the times. So many of you voted for brilliantly San Francisco and Bay Area things, showing how much you care, and how much local businesses, arts organizations, music-makers, cocktail shakers, and everything else inside the Golden Gate matters to who we are and how we live. We have so many new and classic winners.

Best of the Bay 2023
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Spring Clearance

The biggest Spring Sale ever with savings from 30% - 60% on best selling Italian Ceramics including DeSimone, Classic Deruta, Domiziani, Busatti, Vignoli and more.

Best Sellers

Ortigia Sicilia

This luxurious range of scented products are formulated using natural products indigenous to Sicily and inspired by the aesthetics, colours and scents of Italy’s most historic and tropical region.

We are excited to introduce the best selling products including candles, hand lotions and hand soap. The highly decorative packaging is designed by owner, Sue Townsend and draws on exotic Sicilian images and colours, definitely a perfect gift.

The Ortigia Sicilia Collection is featured in the HBO Hit series "The White Lotus" and available at the actual San Domenico Palace in Taormina, as well as other leading hotels and villas in Sicily.

Featured Collection

Limone Collection

When visiting the Amalfi Coast you experience delicious lemons available there. The ceramics are painted with lemons, and we searched for and found the the absolute best lemon collection by our artisans in Italy.

Limone Collection
Featured Author

Viola Buitoni

Italy By Ingredient

Italy By Ingredient by Viola Buitoni offers a fresh approach to Italian cuisine through its most iconic ingredients. Gift a signed copy of of the prima edition this holiday season. From glossy drops of balsamic vinegar to flakes of parmigiano reggiano and spoonfuls of fresh ricotta to creamy grains of risotto—the ingredients of Italian cuisine are beloved staples known the world over, available in specialty stores and served in restaurants across the globe. As a native Roman raised in the Umbrian countryside, Viola Buitoni grew up with these artisanal foods, learning about how they developed from centuries-old wisdom, tight-knit communities, and sustainable production. Now a US-based cooking instructor, Buitoni’s passion is sharing the beloved flavors of her homeland with home cooks.

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The wedding day is one of the most important events in a persons life. Today, the wedding celebration is back! For 77 years Biordi Art Imports has been the place to find the perfect, unique, most memorable gift for the special couple. It is certain to be a gift to be treasured forever!

It's time to start building memories and give the gift of beautiful Italian functional art that will be cherished for years to come. Shop the top wedding gifts, including Italian hand-painted pottery, platters, serving bowls, appetizer trays, goblets, espresso cups and more.

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Welcome to Biordi Art Imports

San Francisco's finest retailer for Italian pottery and ceramics!

Biordi Art Imports offers the finest in imported Italian pottery from artisans in Deruta, Castelli, Siena, Florence and many of Italy's other historical villages known for majolica. We only sell the best, heirloom quality Italian pottery and proudly bring these handmade, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind ceramics to you!

We have searched throughout Italy and found the best artisans to create this functional art known as Majolica. All the Italian ceramics at Biordi’s are handmade and signed by the artisan who created it. The process for producing this 500-year-old art form begins with a special clay from specific regions in Italy, then the ceramics are fired, dipped in a white glaze, and painted with lead-free mineral paints; and then fired again to expose the vibrant colorations known only to Italian majolica.

Shop our one-of-a-kind collections of Deruta pottery, espresso cups, Della Robbia, holiday ornaments and more online or in-store.

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