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Deruta Pottery & Ceramics

Classic Deruta Pottery is the most popular and traditional Italian Ceramics from Italy. The very essence, the soul, of Italian ceramics lives in La Citta di Deruta. Deruta, the center of Italian Majolica since the 12th century has over 100 pottery workshops offering some of the best quality majolica in the world. When Biordi Art Imports was founded in 1946, Emilio Biordi traveled to Deruta to select the best representation of what we now know as the “Classic Deruta Designs.” There are six designs that form the foundation of Italian ceramics and capture the elegance of Italy’s traditional tableware.  From the rich, subtle and elegant designs of Antico Deruta to the vibrant Rafaellesco and the timeless beauty of Ricco Deruta, each design offers a unique design while being distinctively Deruta.  All Classic Deruta pottery are produced by a single workshop FIMA, known for the exquisite detail in every design.