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Italian Pottery Tour: Deruta

After two long years, we once again are in Italy, working with our artisans on new collections. Italy is faring quite well now, with over 80% of the population vaccinated. The last two years have been difficult for many, however, all of our artisans have been able to find a way to continue painting. Some have taken on additional jobs teaching, others have designed new product categories and still others others have began producing Italian ceramics for restaurants, in Saudia Arabia and other exotic locations. The love of the craft and importance of Biordi are overwhelming!


This week has been spent with some of our finest artisans in Italy. Our travels begin in Deruta, the mecca of majolica. We are excited to give you a sneak peak of new Deruta Pottery designs coming this holiday season!



Eugenio Riccarelli


New for Holiday from Eugenio Riccarelli are signature pieces including Renaissance paintings on his signature blues and spectacular large wall plates.


Eugenio Riccarrelli Deruta Pottery

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Pia Formato Italian Pottery


During the pandemic, while Deruta was shuttered, Pia Formato created a new jewelry line, handmade with ceramics and pure gold and platinum. Pia is creating a limited edition line for Biordi's for this holiday!


Pia Formato Deruta Pottery

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Classic Deruta Italian Pottery


The Fima Workshop in Deruta produces the classic Deruta Pottery Collection for Biordi including Raffaellesco, Ricco Deruta, Siena, Antico Deruta and Orvieto.


This is Massimo, he has been a master potter at Fima for 50 years. For Holiday 2021, we are expanding the Fima line to include some new collections... definitely not your grandmother's ceramics!

Deruta Pottery

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Geribi Italian Pottery


Geribi is known for the famous peacock pattern. Claudia Ribigini is the daughter of Gerardo. Claudia hand paints, free hand, all of the piggies for Geribi. She has a new shape and we love it!


Geribi Deruta Pottery

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Francesca Niccacci Italian Pottery


Francesca Niccacci is a master artisan in Deruta, Italy. Famous for her Renaissance paintings. The religious paintings are executed on ancient bricks, pure masterpieces!


Francesca Niccacci Deruta Pottery

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Iva Boccali Italian Pottery


Iva Boccali, daughter of Francesca Niccacci, is a modern artist creating beautifully tactile pieces of art. This collection "Broken Life", is about creating beauty despite the despair of life's challenges.

Iva Boccali Deruta Pottery

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Lucianna Mari Italian Pottery


Lucianna Mari, sister of the famous Franco Mari, is reputedly one of the finest Renaissance artisans in all of Italy. New pieces exhibiting her exquisite work will be available soon at Biordi.


Lucianna Mari Deruta Pottery

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Domiziani Italian Pottery


Roberto Domiziani and his daughter Sophia, are the brilliant creators of one of the most innovative ceramic companies in Italy. Known for their modern designs, Biordi will be offering new home decor from Domiziani in the Spring, brilliant lighting!


Domiziani Deruta Pottery

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Della Robbia Italian Pottery


La Giara creates religious artwork, specializing in the Della Robbia. The family has been creating religious artwork for decades in the Umbrian countryside.


Della Robbia Deruta Pottery

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Tomassini Italian Pottery


Tomassini is our most technical artisan, with a background in engineering, Tomassini creates the pepper grinders, wine glasses and lazy susans.


Now we will offer in all the classic deruta designs, a soap dispenser with stainless steel pump as well as Olive Oil bottles in all the classic designs.


Tomassini Deruta Pottery

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Deruta Pottery Tour


We hope you have enjoyed our travel chronicles during our 1st week in Italy. Deruta is the most famous and important city in the creation of Italian Majolica. Don't miss our Tuscany adventures as well! 

Deborah and Michael Baldini