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Italian Pottery Tour: Tuscany

Week two of our Italian pottery tour takes us to Tuscany and surrounding provinces where we meet with the most innovative and unique artisans. Over the last two years, these artisans have been busy creating new designs for us.

We also met with the leading Italian linen producer, who has been weaving linens since 1842 in Anghiari, Tuscany. We are excited to announce a partnership with Busatti available at Biordi Art Imports for Holiday 2021.

We have some very exciting new Italian products this holiday season.



Ceramiche D'arte Dolfi


Ivana Antonini is one of the most innovative, creative artisans in Italy.  Introducing new Teste d'Arte for holiday, she is a creative genius, and much fun! Spectaculare! 


Ceramiche D'arte Dolfi Sculptures

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Sonia and Giada Staccoli produce our best selling Contrade Dinnerware from Siena.  By popular demand, we are introducing the Tuscan Countryside Collection new this Holiday Season.  


Contrade Italian Ceramics Collection

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L'Antico Italian Pottery


Cristiano began as a potter at 16 years old. Today, he produces the finest floor vases in all of Tuscany. You will find his work in the Amalfi Coast. Each piece is hand made and the painting is Exceptional. We will be offering large pieces as special order and deliver directly to your home.

L'Antico also produces several of the favorite Tuscan Countryside Biscotti Jars available at Biordi Art Imports.


L'Antico Italian Vase

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ND Dolfi Italian Ceramics


ND Dolfi hand makes the most sophisticated contemporary Italian majolica. The Dolfi family is one of the most famous ceramics families in Italy!

Their pieces are painted with pure gold paint and absolute masterpieces for your home. Here Daria Dolfi and I are really enjoying our time together, as her son is so much more composed. Oh, what joy it has been to be here again with our artisan partners!


ND Dolfi Italian Ceramics Tray

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Vignoli Italian Pottery


Saura and Ivana Vignoi are famous artisans in Italy creating the best selling "Fishes" designs and geometric designs.

Vignoli is currently featured at Fittile in Milano, an art exhibit offering a fascinating journey of Italian ceramics.


Vignoli Italian Fish Vase

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Busatti Italian Linens


Busatti linens are the finest in all of Italy. The linens are produced on 100 year old looms, in a exactly the same way since 1842.

We will be offering kitchen towels, runners, napkins and tablecloths for the Holiday season. Many of you have requested linens and we are thrilled to partner with the best weaver in Italy.


Busatti Linen



We have also had time this week to spend with our Italian family. Our family, Maria Rosa, Antonio and Marco live in Forte di Marmi, a picturesque coastal community in Tuscany. This time in Italy, has been filled with pure joy as we have reconnected with family and friends in the Tuscany countryside!

Deborah and Michael Baldini