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Frutta, Rosa, Italian Proverbs


Frutta and Rosa originate from the Abbruzzi region, in the small town of Castelli; home of Emilio Biordi, the first owner of Biordi Art Imports. Castelli flourished in the 11th century under the influence of the Benedictine Abbey of San Salvatore, whose monks introduced the local population to ceramics. Over time, Castelli has become a famous center for ceramics in Italy.

Our popular proverb trays are available with 15 different Italian sayings, outlined by the Rosa pattern.

The Frutta design is most commonly seen in Tuscany, and depicts a winding array of fruit vines, heavy with nature's bounty.

The Rosa Italian dinnerware floral design displays multiple types of flowers. This particular Rosa design depicts a distinctive style, created by the Pardi family, who was inspired by the local flora. A variation of this design can be seen at the famous Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles.