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History of Biordi Art Imports

With shelves lined with brightly hand painted Ceramics, Biordi Art Imports has a museum-like attraction. The secret of Biordi's success is to maintain a clientele with taste and fond appreciation for Italian Renaissance style Maiolica: exquisite objects d'art finely crafted; dinnerware handsomely hand painted; unique decorative accessories and much more. To achieve our goal we always have searched and selected the best artisans from old traditional Maiolica centers of Italy: Deruta, Faenza, Montelupo, Siena, Caltagirone, Castelli, Pesaro, Vietri.

Today, Biordi Art Imports, like the contents lining its shelves, is a business of true craftsmanship. It is the place where our customers would send their friends telling them, "You can buy me anything in that store and I would love it!" This statement may be true, not just for the beauty but also for the functionality of our selection. Renaissance, after all, was a form of lifestyle.

We do not advertise. To reach our customer, once a year, we send our beautiful Maiolica catalog the same catalog we now have on-line.

When in San Francisco, please visit our store at 412 Columbus Ave in the heart of famous North Beach. Here you will find a dazzling display of unique items, too many to be in our catalog. We also encourage you to regularly browse our website to check for new items, not yet shown in a printed Biordi Catalog.