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Della Robbia: 24"x18" Nativity with Angels

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Nativity scene with angels with antiqued finish. These religious plaques are patterned after the Florentine Della Robbia family. In the 15th century Luca and Andrea Della Robbia created many religious sculptures and plaques that are admired in many Tuscan churches and museums around the world. These wall decorations are wonderful gifts for the Holidays and they can withstand outdoor conditions.

Florence was the home to the famous Della Robbia artists during the early Renaissance period. Luca Della Robbia was a 15th century Italian sculptor from Florence, who was noted for his terra cotta roundels. He developed a pottery glaze that made his creations more durable in the outdoors and thus suitable for exterior of buildings. Montelupo Fiorentino, a fabled Ceramic Town outside of Florence, is where these Della Robbia Style plaques have been produced for centuries. Many are one-of-a-kind Della Robbias.


The small imperfections such as the difference in color, shape, diameter or small bubbles that form inside, do not constitute a defect but testify that it is actually an artisanal product.

In the heart of Umbria, a few kilometers from Assisi, Luciano and Alberto had a great passion for ceramics and this work led them to open a small workshop in 1972 called “La Giara” (Luciano-Alberto GIAnnoni-RAnieri). Their strong Catholic roots drove them to produce religious sacred articles.

La Giara, specialized in the creation of Della Robbia-style ceramics, sacred statues and church items.

Italian ceramics are heirloom quality products, and can last lifetime with proper care. We have some suggestions that will preserve your majolica for years to come.

Majolica is dishwasher safe, but many people choose to hand wash their pieces as a precaution. Because majolica is a porous material, some pieces are not meant to hold liquid for a long period of time. Check for warning labels before ordering a product, as the pieces that are most notorious for "sweating" are appropriately labeled.

Majolica is sensitive to extreme temperatures, specifically boiling or freezing liquids. Pouring water with a rolling boil directly into a teapot, for example, may lead to breakage. To avoid this, temper the object. The industry standard is 620 degrees Celsius (1,148 degrees Fahrenheit). Quench the glass to cool it.

Crazing is common in well used majolica. The tiny cracks in the glaze do not affect the functionality of your majolica.

Majolica hand-crafted products should not be microwaved, as it may crack and/or break the ceramics.

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