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Your Heirloom Italian Pottery Repaired

Repairing Italian Majolica

Breaking or chipping some treasured piece of Italian Pottery, a mug, a plate, a family heirloom, or a cherished memory from a trip to Italy is always a sad event. At Biordi’s we can offer beautiful replacements for your losses. Many times people ask if there is anything that can be done with a chipped or broken piece of Italian Majolica. We cannot repair badly shattered pieces but if your piece of Italian Pottery has a clean break, or it has chips not bigger than one inch long by a quarter of one inch deep, please bring it to the store for an evaluation of what can be done as well to get an estimate of the cost for the repair.

Gianfranco Savio, retired Biordi’s previous owner, has many years of experience with repairs. His technique is simple: he uses crazy glue to put back the broken pieces, and then he fills the small gaps, or chips, with Epoxy that needs to be carefully combined with the right colors to mask the damage as best as possible. Be careful if you try this at home. If you repair your majolica, we will not be able to.

Repairing Italian Majolica Plate


Biordi’s repairs are very good, not museum quality, but certainly usable. We cannot hide the line where two pieces have been glued together but that line will be barely visible. Most of the time if your piece of Italian Pottery is for use, the repair can withstand the hand washing.

We can provide a second life, for your most loved Italian ceramics. Once repaired you will once again be able to use your precious ceramics. If you cannot bring your piece to the store, you can ship it to us. Before shipping, please take good pictures of the damage for a free repair estimate and its feasibility. Payments need to be made by cash or by check directly to Giovanni Savio. If shipping is involved return shipping must also be prepaid.  If you are interested in repairing your heirloom majolica, contact us at, 

Repair Italian Majolica at Biordi Art Imports