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Italian Pottery Tour: Sicily

Week three of our Italian majolica tour takes us to Sicily, home of some of the most iconic artisan families in Italy, DeSimone and Schittone. We traveled to Sciacca and Palermo and visited Caltagirone, a town in Sicily renounced for ceramics. Every shop was filled with Teste di Moro, made famous most recently by Dolce and Gabbana.


Finally, we traveled to Modica, the village of chocolates and tasted award winning Sabadi Chocolates.


Many of this new exciting Italian pottery will be available this holiday season at Biordi Art Imports.


Schittone Italian Pottery


Giuseppe Schittone creates the magical moorish heads, Testi di Moro. His shop in Sciacca is filled with the most fabulous moorish heads. Traveling thru Sicily, the Schittone family produces the most beautiful of all we have seen. 

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Susanna De Simone Italian Pottery


Susanna DeSimone is the most famous as well as loving artisans we know. She hand-painted a custom dinnerware set for our baby Donatella as a gift! We are excited to share that we have a large selection of DeSimone arriving at Biordi in November including serving bowls, appetizer plates and bowls, vases and more.

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Italian Pottery Tour: Sicily


Cioccolato di Modica Sabadi has been awarded the Gold Bar, the best chocolate in Modica for 10 years! Modica is renouned for Chocolate. There may be chocolate in the future for Biordi customers!!!\

We were fortunate to spend time with good friends while in Sicily and celebrate Michael's birthday! The warmth and hospitality of the Sicilian people is incredible. It is said that Sicily opens their arms to everyone, and we felt that love in our visit.


This week will be our final week in Italy with a trip for the first time to Sardinia to meet new artisans for Biordi.


Deborah and Michael Baldini