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Florence Ceramics: Our Favorite Artisans


Florence has been a prominent fixture in Italy’s history dating back to the 1st century, and equally impressive are the works of art that have been created throughout this region for nearly as long. Our collection of Florence ceramics are handcrafted in the surrounding villages, primarily Montelupo. Here are some of our favorite artisans from the region. 

ND Dolfi

Love of the material, respect for tradition and the desire to experiment, are the ingredients to ND Dolfi designs. The Dolfi family has decades of experience in the production of Italian majolica. Giovanni Dolfi, in 1941 began producing majolica in the castle that dominates Montelupo. In 1994, his son Silvano began an independent company, ND Dolfi Ceramics. Following in the footsteps of Silvano Dolfi, who managed the company until 2009, and awarded by the Tuscan region with Maestro Artigiano's gold medal, the daughters Daria and Natalia with her husband Carlo manage the business today.

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Florence Ceramics - ND Dolfi


The Dolfi family, a famous family in Tuscany, has been producing Italian Majolica for many generations. Ivana Dolfi, one of the most innovative and talented artisans in Florence produces unique ceramics. Ivana’s father was considered the best artisan in Tuscany in his time. Shop our collection of Ceramiche D'arte Dolfi sculptures below, each as unique as the Dolfi family themselves.

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Florence Ceramics - Ceramiche D'arte Dolfi


Ammannati is a small family owned workshop in Montelupo, Italy started in 1995 by Gabriele Ammannati and his father and brothers. The Ammannati workshop offers traditional Tuscan ceramiche hand-crafted designs interpreted in a new way.

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Florence Ceramics - Ammannati


Montelupo, a small maiolica town near Florence, is where Ivo, Mauro and Alberto [IMA] started their studio in 1978. The IMA production is a perfect blend of creativity and tradition. For 30 years, Biordi and IMA have worked together to bring in exclusive pieces made especially for our customers.

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Florence Ceramics - Ceramiche IMA


Cristiano Cambi a master craftsman, and owner of L'Antico continues to preserve the one-hundred-year handicraft tradition. Handed down from father to son, Ceramiche L’Antico” carries on the traditional techniques, creativity and passion for preserving the heritage of traditional Tuscan and Italian pottery

Self-proclaimed as crazy, his passion to his craft and attention to the highest quality is evident in every detail of the Italian ceramiche the workshop produces. Ceramiche L’Antico ceramics are found in the infamous Amalfi Coast, as they exemplify the best of Italian ceramics.

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Florence Ceramics - L'Antico

As you can see, our collection of Florence ceramics features some of the finest Majolica artisans in all of Italy. We are so grateful to work with such incredible people and offer these magnificent works of art to our customers.