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The Story of the della Robbia and Luca della Robbia

Della Robbia at Biordi Art Imports

Many museums and churches around the world are graced with Della Robbia artwork.  It began in the 15th century when Luca della Robbia, whotogether with Donatello and Michelozzo along with many other Florentine Renaissance sculptors, trained in Ghiberti’s workshop, led the Florentine Renaissance design.


Luca reinvented and perfected the lost art of tin glazing terracotta, reaching an unsurpassed perfection in creating a unique pure white glaze shining on stunning sacred figures, highlighted by a sublime and most unique blue sky background.


Luca was the most famous and well known della Robbia artist, but one must not forget his nephew Andrea della Robbia, who was almost on par with Luca. Andrea produced the amazing collection of altar pieces commissioned by the Medici for La Verna Monastery near Arezzo as well the famous 9 plaques gracing the Hospital of the Innocents in Florence, (each plaque represents a different baby in swaddling clothes) and countless other works he left to us. Andrea’s son, Giovanni, was also a great Renaissance artist who continued the glorious della Robbia tradition. His masterpiece: 66 busts of Florentine benefactors gracing the Great Cloister of La Certosa di Firenze.

 Della Robbia Plaque


When you visit Tuscany you will find della Robbia sculptures everywhere: churches altars, hospital facades, ancient palace facades, monasteries, cloisters, street intersections and museums.



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Ivana Dolfi - della robbia

A photo of Ivana Dolfi with some of her beautiful della Robbias.  Ivana is a della Robbia master who creates magnificent della Robbias for Biordi Art Imports in Tuscany.