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Biordi Art Imports Day - 75th Anniversary Celebration

75th Anniversary Celebration 

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The City of San Francisco honored Biordi Art Imports with a Proclamation May 1st, 2021, celebrating their 75th Anniversary of selling the finest Italian pottery in the United States.

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Attending the celebration (from right to left) Chris Corgas (Office of Economic & Workforce Development), Michael & Deborah Baldini (Owners Biordi Art Imports), Italian Consul General Lorenzo Ortona, Gianfranco Savio (former owner Biordi Art Imports), Joaquin Torres ( San Francisco Assessor-Recorder),
Supervisor Aaron Peskin & Captain Julian Ng (Central Station).
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Owners Michael & Deborah Baldini presented Consul General Lorenzo Ortona with a Raffaellesco Platter in gratitude for his support of the Italian Community,
while Gianfranco Savio joins the festivities.
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Father John De La Riva, blessing on Biordi Art Imports & all those within.
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Janelle, Biordi Digital Marketing Manager, Branden & Baby Donatella our "Biordi Baby" enjoying the celebration.
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This incredible Biordi Team also attended & enjoyed the festivities:

Rob, Heidi, Igor & of course Gianfranco. Biordi would not exist without the support of these wonderful people.


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Matt, our SEO Specialist taking the opportunity to shop for Mother's Day.


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Jay, one of our most valued & loyal customers shared a Biordi Story.


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Captain Ng, of Central Station & Trish a wonderful advocate & supporter of Biordi.


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Artist Blandina Farley enjoying the live music.


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Michael & Deborah Baldini savoring the day!


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Inside our Landmark Store in North Beach, California.